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We're letting our closest fans into our creative process.

We wanted to create a space where we could get creative, alongside some of our biggest supporters, without the confines that social media tends to bring. We created 'The Treehouse' out of this idea - a magical place where we go to create, where we share exclusive material, where we meet live sometimes, where we could get deeper. That's what I came here to do as an artist.

It took us about a year to hash all of this out because, not only were we super concerned about taking your hard-earned money and not giving enough back to you, it's also a really vulnerable thing that we're offering. Read more about what we're doing below or check out our Patreon page here. 

Some of what our Treehouse Club accessed during the 1st month:

  • A self-recorded, self-mixed/mastered live-recorded EP from a recent show. Includes a live version of Mars, Stranger, Napkin, and No Easy Answer.

  • A never-before-heard version of 'Napkin' that includes significant lyrical modifications from the 'Artifacts' version (lyrics and backstory included).

  • Rehearsal recordings (like the 'Colors' video you can see here).

  • Explorations from the Treehouse: Listening, voting, exploring, producing. This piece of the Treehouse is a doozy. Follow me, because this piece of the Treehouse is my favorite piece and this should be really fun.

    Here's how it works 

    We give our Treehouse members exclusive access to 7 different song snippets of demos (this ranges from guitar riffs to full on produced demos). With the 7 snippets in their ears,
    our fans will then vote on their favorite tracks, knowing that the songs with the most votes will have significant time put into them - writing, arranging, recording, producing.

    For the next two months, we'll go to work on those songs - the first EP that will come of the favorites. Our patrons will have a behind-the-scenes look at the whole process, from hearing current demos, choosing what songs we prioritize and record, to a behind the scenes look at what goes into releasing music to the public. The fun, I'm sure will not only be in the big wins,but also the big falls, haha!.

    I expect to fall in love with songs I didn't know I even wanted to pursue
     (isn't that how it always works?). I expect that some of this will be really fun, sharing this experience with the people who 'get us' the most. I also look forward to falling on my face sometimes and laughing at our attempt to do something but not quite hit the mark. It happens, it's inevitable, and I'm excited to share that too. The whole band (myself, Whit, Blake, and Bobby) are excited about this endeavor and can't wait to watch it grow. 

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