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Hello June, 'Artifacts' (2024)

"Artifacts is weather beaten and worn around the edges, full of regrets and truths that should have been told much sooner. This is an album for those moments when we need to look at ourselves with unflinching honesty." Read more.

No Depression Magazine

"Sarah Rudy (guitar/lead vocals) who not only has superb warm Bohemian-style vocals, she has a unique look that dictates her showcase. She doesn’t seem to follow the pack." Read more.

Americana Highways

"Hello June challenges societal expectations, calling for authenticity and independence. Hold on to the past but don’t let it alone define who you are and what you mean." Read more.

YTAA Radio - Dayton, OH

"There’s an overall sense of resilience and perseverance coursing through Hello June’s music that’s as undeniable as it is irresistible." Read more.

Atwood Magazine (Premiere)

"Hello June possess the ability to throw cuts around that pull from every corner of the Indie Roots world. Their latest release, Artifacts, does just that." Read more.

The Alternate Root

West Virginia Public
Broadcasting Interview

Hello June, 'Hello June' (2018)

Paste Magazine

"The pathos of Hello June is also in part due to its nostalgic glow. Hello June respectfully recalls your favorite indie rock records, but it’s simultaneously fresh as can be. The pristine production value gives it a modern feel, but not much else on Hello June screams 2018, which is one reason it’s so enjoyable. The band conjures Yo La Tengo’s vast riffs while Rudy echoes Lucinda Williams’ husky drawl." Read more.

"(Mars) is a pulsating slice of 1990s comfort food that will shake the stardust from your heartstrings." Read more.

NPR Music

Hello June, 'Spruce' (2016)

NPR Music - World Cafe Live 

"John Denver referred to West Virginia as "almost Heaven;" if that's true, then it would only make sense for the state to be occupied by ethereal rock bands like Morgantown's Hello June." Read more.

No Depression Magazine

Hello June, live

"Hello June...featuring Sarah Rudy, who played the most intriguing guitar I heard all week — and that’s saying something for a town full of great guitarists." Read more.

Cincy Music (show review)

"At times sounding like Sleater-Kinney, but with the more pop and sonic sound of the Cranberries, Hello June has something sweet and beautiful about their sound that can still be rough around the edges." Read more

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