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'Artifacts' Album Premiere with Atwood Magazine. Read the beautiful track by track breakdown 

Atwood magazine album premiere

"2023’s Hello June feels more composed and more confident than the version we heard five years ago, while the music itself is just as unrelenting and unapologetic as ever. "

"From the soothing grit of opener “Sometimes” to the soaring conviction of “Honey I Promise,” the sweet, seductive vibrance of “23,” and the intimate intensity of “California,” Hello June holds our ears and hearts hostage throughout Artifacts‘ 41-minute run."

"It’s a collection of feverish eruptions and unfiltered contemplations on life, love, presence, and being – a cathartic confessional at some points, and an unhinged explosion at others."

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hello june 'artifacts'
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 "Artifacts leaves us here, wondering where the road has taken us and where it leads. Whatever the destination is, Hello June shows us the imperative to doggedly pursue it no matter what."

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